Arcadia Rated in 2016 KLAS Population Health Management Performance Report

Customer feedback on the ease and scalability data aggregation and advanced analytics for the Population Health Management market

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts (March 10, 2017) – Arcadia Healthcare Solutions announced today their rating in a recent KLAS report in their core Population Health Management technology market. “Arcadia Healthcare is new to the KLAS PHM report this year, but they are not a newcomer to the population health space,” stated the report Population Health Performance 2016. Of particular note in the KLAS report is the confirmation of Arcadia’s leadership in the scale of EHR and claims connectivity1 – critical to achieve population health objectives. Of those Arcadia customers interviewed, 100%2 stated Arcadia was part of their long-term plans, and 100%3 of interviewed customers said they would buy again.


Figure 1 – Part of Long Term Plans vs. Adapts to Evolving Needs, Fully rated vendors and vendors below Konfidence. Data from Figure 20 in report page 39.

Arcadia has the highest Median Number of Data Sources (including those from both Electronic Health Records and health insurance claims) among fully rated vendors and vendors below Konfidence while still maintaining above average performance in the Ease of Establishing and Maintaining Data Feeds, as seen is Figure 2.


Figure 2 – Ease of Establishing and Maintaining Data Feeds. Fully rated vendors and vendors below Konfidence. Data from report page 3.

Beyond the scale that Arcadia has achieved to be furthered by recent investments, Arcadians continue to drive a mission of delighting their clients, as demonstrated by a KLAS Performance rating of 85.24.

“The feedback we get from our customers via KLAS is a primary driver for our product roadmap and company strategy,” said Sean Carroll, Chief Executive Officer of Arcadia. “The focus of KLAS’ report on the ease of implementing and maintaining connections to electronic health record and claims data sources and our performance in those areas is a strong endorsement of our platform strategy, a clear endorsement of Arcadia being deeply considered for any healthcare enterprise looking to be successful in value based care.”

Full press release can be found here.

Data and quotes cited above are sourced from “Population Health Management 2016: The Training Wheels Are Off” December 2016 © 2016 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

1 Based on highest average Median Number of Data Sources among all fully rated and below konfidence vendors, Figure 1, Page 3 of the report.

2,3 Page 139 of report. Arcadia was included in the report as a below konfidence vendor because fewer than 15 interviews were conducted.

4 Page 87 of report. Arcadia was included in the report as a below konfidence vendor because fewer than 15 interviews were conducted.



Greg Chittim

A dual role focused on functional leadership of Strategic Marketing and cross-functional ownership of Strategic Operations including company-wide business planning, performance improvement, and measurement programs. Leading strategic marketing activities for Arcadia, Greg drives company-wide market intelligence, segmentation, and competitive strategy. He owns top-of-the-pipeline lead generation, media and analyst relations, marketing communications, product management/sales connections, and oversight of the Arcadia Advisor Network. He drives strategic business planning and continuous improvement programs across the company to ensure profitable operations and delighted clients. He owns the data- and metrics-driven executive management routine.

Prior to his work at Arcadia, Greg was a senior strategy consultant and technical software project manager at Monitor Group, an international strategy consulting firm now part of Deloitte, building industry expertise with leading organizations in the software, hardware, pharmaceutical, biotech, financial services, and non-profit fields.

An engineer by training, Greg holds a Master of Engineering Management degree from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, as well as Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from Dartmouth College.

Outside Arcadia, Greg is an avid cook, tinkerer, reader, and wrangler of his two young boys.

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