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    What Does Your EHR Look Like?

    What Does Your EHR Look Like?

    • May 27, 2015
    • by Michael Simon
    Real Time Quality Improvement

    Real Time Quality Improvement

    • May 20, 2015
    • by Michael Simon
  • EHR Optimization

    Your EHR is making you less productive?

    Most providers find their EHR is too complicated, too slow, and gets in the way of patient care. The answer is not a new EHR — it’s making your current EHR work correctly. A fast, responsive system that fits in your workflow and is a tool care teams want to use is possible.

    EHR Optimization
    Start Quickly

    50% reduction in login times

    Get More Done

    27% improvement in system performance

    Love Your EHR

    20% happier physicians in 6 mos

  • Practice Productivity

    If only management could spend a day in my shoes...

    Implementing an EHR almost always lowers physician productivity in the short term - new technology, new processes, and a bad patient experience. Most providers never get it back - they work longer and harder for worse outcomes. Arcadia can help you understand and fix this problem from the individual patient or provider and across the enterprise.

    Practice Productivity
    Help Providers Spend More Time with Patients

    Generate an additional $30 - $60k per provider per year with a 5% bump in productivity

  • PCMH Transformation

    Transforming care at one practice is hard. How do you transform fifty?

    PCMH is about more than the cost and quality benefits; it is a strategic opportunity to weave a thread of consistency into the delivery system. Whether you are seeking formal recognition or preparing to operate under a risk-based contract, Arcadia can deliver a large scale transformation program twice as quickly and for half the cost of going it alone.

    PCMH Transformation

    Increase patient satisfaction by up to 95%


    Reduce patient cost by 7-15%


    Increase quality measures by 15-30%

  • Quality Improvement

    Improve key measures 15-30% in six months.

    Bringing EHR and claims data together and making it work for providers on the ground. We connect to 20+ EHR systems, include industry standard measure sets as well as care management, care gap, registry, and cost management reporting.

    Quality Improvement
    Immediate Accountability for Providers

    Arcadia reports EHR and claims data back to the provider within 24 hours, while the information is still relevant & actionable

  • TME Reduction

    A real bending of the cost curve requires improved quality at the same time.

    Focusing on the riskiest and costliest patients requires a combination of the right people, the right organization, and the right technology. Bringing it all together across a diverse set of caregivers, patients, and systems enables real success under risk-based contracts and the new environment of health care reform.

    TME Reduction
    Reduce TME by 5% PMPM with Care Team Redesign and Actionable Analytics

Does your organization have a strategy to maximize value from your fragmented provider networks? We do.

What We Do

EHR Outsourcing & Consulting
EHR Outsourcing & Consulting

Making your technology work from a speed, usability, and security perspective. This includes hosting, a local call center, field support, implementations, and optimizations. Arcadia helps make the EHR a useful tool, not a barrier to providing the best patient care.

Data Integration & Population Analytics
Data Integration & Population Analytics

Bring your data together for the analysis and insight you need. We provide the technology to connect to different data sources, aggregate the data centrally, and provide standard reports and measures for care management, care gap, registry and cost management.

Practice Transformation & Coaching
Practice Transformation & Coaching

Driving change in your practices with on-the-ground support – in a way that isn’t intrusive but pushes just enough to get the job done. Our trained clinicians and practice coaches assess practice health, provide structured change processes, support workflow changes, and care team re-design.

How We Do It

  • EHR Optimization

    An EHR system that providers use and don’t complain about is possible. See a 20-30% improvement in EHR performance.

  • ACO Performance
    ACO Performance

    It takes a focus on quality and medical expense to realize shared savings. With Arcadia, reduce medical expense by 5% and improve quality by 15-30%.

  • PCMH Transformation
    PCMH Transformation

    Medical home is hard to implement, even in one practice – with Arcadia you can scale across your entire network with up to 50% less resources.

  • Quality Improvement

    Long change cycles and bad data make improving quality hard. With trusted blueprints, actionable data, and practice coaches addressing data capture, efficiency and workflow see a 15-30% improvement in quality.

  • Practice Productivity

    Did productivity recover after your EHR implementation? Or was it masked by improved charge capture? Get back the 20% hit and earn $10,000s more per provider every year.

  • Provider Satisfaction & Retention

    A lost provider can cost your system $500K. You can worry less about provider retention and improve satisfaction by a grade point in 6 months.

  • Population Health Management

    We provide data, reporting, analysis teams and advisory services to enable care teams to make the best decisions for individual patients across large, diverse groups.

Why We’re Different

End-to-End Partner

We provide all the capabilities required to succeed.

Technology alone isn’t the answer. Nor are high-priced management consultants who leave nothing behind but a PowerPoint presentation. Arcadia brings expert advisors who have done it before, and will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make technology work and achieve outcomes you never thought possible.

End-to-End Partner venn diagram
Proven Technology

Vendor agnostic tools that work in your environment.

Practice Health Assessment screenshot
Practice Health Assessment

Rapidly gain a unique view into your ambulatory network and give practice leaders insight into the care delivered to patients. Experience a 'day in the life" of provider efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Analytics screenshot

The Arcadia Analytics platform aggregates data from 20+ EHR systems, claims, and other sources and into an apples- to- apples comparison. We include industry standard measure sets as well as care management, care gap, registry, and cost management reporting.

Accelerator screenshot

The Accelerator Portal helps you to manage your large transformation program consistently and effectively. Track progress across all your practices, regardless of where they start and where they will finish. Build a library of documentation and manage the submission processes for faster recognition.

Launchpad screenshot

The Quality Launchpad allows healthcare providers to develop blueprints for quality and cost improvements. Collaborate with your peers to see what’s worked and what hasn’t. Marshal your quality improvement team towards a common goal and regularly measure yourself against it.

Multi-EHR & Claims Data Integration

We are unrivaled at integrating many EHR and claims systems together for meaningful analysis and action.

Other vendors promise inexpensive interfaces, but they expect you to do all the work and ensure your own data quality. Arcadia builds a real connection that is validated by your providers, so that your aggregated data is trusted, regardless of where it comes from.

Multi-EHR & Claims Data Integration infographic
Engage Physicians & Drive Lasting Change

Bring a new energy to guarantee sustained outcomes.

Changing care team behavior is hard. Top down directives, data without context, and technology alone have proven they don’t work. Arcadia provides staff and resources that work in the trenches with clinicians, to provide the coaching, support, and sometimes just breathing room to allow change to occur. Our ability to meet physicians on their terms is what enables long term success.

Meaningful Analysis image

Who We Work With

Our clients include major health systems, commercial health plans, statewide entities, and public-private partners driving improved healthcare across the country. We deeply understand all aspects of the American healthcare system, and help drive tailored solutions that work.

  • “Quality care improvement is a continuous focus of the Missouri Primary Care Association. With Arcadia, we gain the Health IT expertise and thought leadership that will ensure our program’s success across all our community health centers.”

    Noelle Parker Manager of the Missouri Quality Improvement Network (MOQuIN)
  • “Rhode Island Quality Institute has high aspriations for improving the quality, safety, and value of healthcare. When we need a partner that can think strategically, quickly grasp the opportunities and challenges, and effectively execute, we turn to Arcadia.”

    Laura Adams President and CEO; Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI)
  • “The Arcadia team proved to be an excellent choice. The Arcadia processes, technology and personnel are top notch.

    They demonstrated consistently high levels of professionalism, sensitivity to staff needs, understanding of legacy operations and just enough push to assure on time delivery without becoming overly intrusive.”

    Howard M. Haft, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE CEO, Ellis Medical Group, Schenectady, NY
  • “Arcadia’s analysis and healthcare expertise have allowed Signature to enhance its EHR utilization and create reports off accurate data for organizational planning and investments.”

    PJ Pettinato, MD, CMIO Signature Healthcare
  • “I don’t know what you guys are doing differently there but it’s so great!

    A year ago, no offense, your clinic was a mess. I couldn’t get a call back for days, no one would contact me with results, I couldn’t get an appointment and now everything is easy and organized.

    I can tell that you guys are working to make everything better and I wanted to let you know it’s working.”

    Unsolicited Patient Feedback to Enterprise PCMH Client

Our Company

Founded in 2002, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions is an innovative and nationally recognized leader in the healthcare consulting industry. With a focus on both healthcare provider and payer solutions, we have a unique cross-industry perspective on Health IT and healthcare transformation.


We are backed by investors who have led some of the most successful organizations in healthcare and managed by an experienced team of technologists, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

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We understand that our greatest assets are the talented people that make up our company. Our consultants work collaboratively, using technology and personal relationships to develop solutions that will improve the quality and value of healthcare across the country.

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